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What technology do I start with for my Player Performance program? Force plates!

  Introduction                 Since the early 1990’s there have been significant advances in hardware to track and measure human motion.   Cameras, electro-magnetic trackers, and inertial measurement units to track the position and orientation of the body; EMG sensors to track muscle recruitment; EEG sensors to monitor brainwaves that initiate recruitment; and eye-trackers to identify stimuli that generate movement are all examples of hardware used to study human motion.   Because of these hardware advances and the research of human motion there has been a huge impact on the academic disciplines of Physical Therapy, Athletic Training and Performance Enhancement.                 And these advances have now made their way into athletics at the professional level.   Many of the professional baseball and basketball teams have former biomechanists and athletic trainers from academia on their staff as they seek to prevent injury and enhance performance.   And the recently formed Basebal

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