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Real Time Motion Capture in Biomechanics

Real Time Data Collection – What is it & Why Does it Matter?
In March, our inaugural blog identified concepts that our clients had highlighted as important features of motion capture systems.One of the most important was real time data collection.This blog expands on that feature and identifies what constitutes real time data collection, the benefits that arise from real time as well as questions that can help ensure your system will generate the benefits you are hoping for.
What is Real Time?Eddie Cramp put it well in a 1/10/2018 post on Biomch-L: “Some manufacturers will say the real-time means data within ten seconds, some have delays of less than one second, and others will provide the data with 0.01 of a second (10ms) - but they all say that their system is ’real-time’." So when is “real time” truly real time or just fast post processing?Our view is that real time means processingdata time-period by time-period, as data are being collected.In effect, the process is: read …

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